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The Political Science Society established in 2005 takes upon itself the task to educate and create consciousness amongst the student population of the college on a myriad of socially and politically relevant issues. The society is dedicated to inculcate within the students the desire to be informed of the world around them and to critically address and attempt to alleviate the social distress plaguing the society. Under the supervision of the staff advisor and cooperation from members of the department, the society maintains a Quarterly Wall Journal that provides a concise yet informative account of current affairs from the domestic and global fronts. The society also organises one of the most sought after events in the Annual College Fest- The Street Play Competition. Through this event the members of the society aim to realistically highlight and create awareness regarding the social and political maladies of society in a creative manner that helps the message to reach the masses and compels them to think. The efforts of the society are aimed at instilling among the students the importance of being aware of their immediate socio-political climate and being well informed to make correct choices, thus creating strong agents of social change.







Staff Advisors:

Mrs. Sharmila Mitra Deb

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