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Independence Day Celebration 2014

Celebration of Independence Day

The Loreto College Independence Day Cultural programme was organized by the B.Ed. Department. It commenced with a Welcome song written by Rabindranath Tagore from his collection named “Naibedya” meaning “offering” or “prayer” followed by a classical Oddisi dance performance titled “Naba Durga” depicting the different aspects of the Goddess and the triumph of good over evil. Next we had a Bengali chorus of the patriotic song “Jodi Tor Daak Shune Keu Na Aashe” that exhorts the listener to continue his journey despite hindrances and abandonment. This was followed by a “Bhangra” which is a Punjabi folk dance based on “Dhol” “Chimta” and couplets called “Bolis”. After this we had a classical song composed by the poet Nazrul Islam based on the early morning Raga “Aahir Bhairav”, set on the rhythm of “Vilambit Tritaal”. The class also presented a group dance to the song “Des Rangeela”, depicting the colours and cultural diversity of India. The B.Ed. Department cultural programme continued with a short skit composed by the class depicting the initial cultural disharmony which paved the way for the British Divide and Rule policy throughout the land and was finally prevented by Mahatma Gandhi who led the nation on the path of religious tolerance and non- violence. However India stood and continues to stand strong in her unity in diversity, where all the religions come together to make a nation. Following this, we had a power point presentation on the history of India that displayed the significant incidents, the rise of national heroes, the struggle for freedom and finally the declaration of Independence and the “Rebirth of a New India” as a Democratic Republic. The curtains were called with a class chorus which was a medley of K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” and Akon’s “Freedom” which celebrates the freedom to unite with the whole world, freedom from misery and freedom to unite with God.

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