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Political Science Department

The Political Science Department is a highly reputed and sought after Department of Loreto College. It is known for rigorous intellectual inquiry and commitment to the empowerment of the students to face the challenges of higher scholarship and career building. The Departmentís focus on academic excellence is indicated not just in the outstanding performance of the students in the Calcutta University Examinations over the last decade but also the high success rate of the students of the Department in the entrance examinations of institutions of repute such as JNU, TISS Delhi University and foreign universities.

The Department commits itself to the excellent syllabus provided by Calcutta University to which the college is affiliated. To bring vibrancy to the syllabus the faculty stress on moving beyond the syllabus by encouraging research and critical thinking in the students. The Department regularly organises seminars exposing students to resource persons of repute and studentsí seminars where the students are provided a platform for expressing their opinions on various aspects of political life. The Quarterly Wall Journal, the street plays and departmental research projects are tools used by the faculty to imbibe creative thinking and a deeper understanding of the discipline and itís potential in making a difference to society.

The alumnus of the Department are well placed in various capacities - position holders in colleges in India and abroad, the West Bengal Civil Service, the American Center, reputed NGOs etc. The strong sense of commitment and care on the part of the faculty members in an institution steeped in values of discipline and social commitment has enabled the Department to reach great heights and make a mark for itself.

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