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Proposed Course Work in Photography

The course work will be designed to cover the fundamental aspects of photography. This will include science and aesthetics. Both film and digital photography will be discussed and finer points in digital photography will be covered. Lighting, composition and art will also be touched. Practical classes will be included for portraiture, still life and copy work using artificial light. One day outing will be arranged for candid and street photography and finally one day workshop will be arranged on fashion photography. The course will give an overall idea about photography in comprehensive manner. The course material should be sufficient to develop some minimum skill and will help a candidate to explore the area even as a future profession.

Short Term Certificate Course in Photography
(under UGC skill development program)

Proposed Syllabus (Tentative)

1. Fundamentals of Photography
Basic Principles - History
2. Camera & Accessories
Types of Camera & Shutter-Choosing a Camera & Accessories
3. Fundamental of Light & Lenses
Theory &Properties of light- Types of lenses & their uses
4. Exposure, Flash & Filter
Exposure Factors- Day & artificial light Exposure - Exposure meter-Types of Filter, Electronic Flash gun- dedicated –Multiple-stroboscopic-Fill in
5. Negative & Printing
Developer-Mechanism of Development –Time &Temperature, etc and
Dark room- Safelight- Contact printing - Enlargement
6. Digital Photography – Part - I
Basic concepts- Difference from Film Camera-Features & types of Digital Camera- Sensors, Pixel & Image Size
7. Digital Photography - Part - II
Understanding different aspects and mechanisms of digital camera, metering, exposure control, File formats and software control
8. Digital Photography – Part - III
Software for photo editing, Photo retouching and Photo finishing for printing. Digital photo printing methods and materials
9. Photographic Art & Composition
Development of Phototography as art- Concept of Art -Artistic Photography - Composition -Landscape –Still life-Experimental
10. Portrait & Lighting for Portraiture – Practical Class
Indoor-Outdoor-Lowkey- Highkey-Basics of lighting
11. Still Life & Archive Photography – Practical Class
Still life, Copy work, Restoration Work
12. Candid & Street Photgraphy - Outdoor Shooting

13. Fashion Photography Workshop
Creative Photography Workshop

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