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It is a weird propensity for most people to treat "History" as a ’dead subject’, just because it deals with our past. However, History is a social science, which deals with the story of human civilizations since the first man appeared on earth and the story continues till today, because history is made every moment, in every corner of the world, and hence can be called it a progressive science. The aim of the ’History Society’ is to spread awareness among people - about the importance of studying history, so that we can preserve our cultural heritage and prevent it from passing way into oblivion. Since it is by learning from the mistakes from yesterday that we can build a better tomorrow, where every human being would be happy. The History Society shall strive to attain its objective by undertaking programmes like historical excursions, attending lectures by eminent historians or professors, preparing projects on history, screening of documentaries and films of historical importance, and many such programmes.We are specially grateful to our teacher, Ms A. Chatterjee, since the History Society was her brainchild, as well as to all other teachers of our History Department.







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