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The Computer Society explores the various arenas related to computers. Multimedia may well be the most powerful tool invented and it has the potential to become the ultimate in entertainment. In fact, Multimedia is often spoken of in the same breath as the Internet or" information superhighway". The Computer Society incorporates within its agenda group discussions and seminars through which its members can get an in-depth knowledge about multimedia and its branches. The Computer Society is not only for those with prior knowledge of basic computing skills, (which although is a requirement); the Society also functions as a means to spread awareness and help its members who are keen to improve and enhance their skills. The Computer Society also organizes many intra-college and inter- department competitions where the members can get more exposure. In - house competitions such as power point presentations, graphic designing, simple 2D and3D animation, web-page designing etc. are organized by the society . In fact the Computer Society introduced Graphic Designing Competition as a feature when the college had their Annual Samagam 2004 . The Computer Society also interacts with other societies ; for example the Computer Society linked up with the Literary Society and the Dramatic Society to design magazine covers and brochures.







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Ms. Chandrani Sengupta, Mr. Soumya Dutta, Ms.Saberi Goswami

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