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Water Day 2016

The WE Nature Society of Loreto College kept up Water Day on 22nd March, 2016, along with Earth Day and Environment Day, since our students will either be doing exams or be on study leave from early April.

The event started with a prayer dance followed by a short documentary on environmental awareness. The documentary dwelt on the present condition of marine life forms and that of the sea bed. It depicted an alarming situation wherein corals are being plundered, sea shores exploited and marine life brutally destroyed for greed. The urgent need for dissemination of knowledge and preservation and protection was highlighted by the film.

Green paper leaves were then handed over to the audience who were asked to write pledges as to what they could do to save the environment in future. At the end of the programme, everyone was handed a packet of seeds- lady’s finger and chilly - with the hope that they will be sown and contribute to making the Earth a little greener. It was a learning experience for us as we understood the urgent need to save our planet.

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