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Talk by Kehkashan Basu, Global Coordinator for Children & Youth, UNEP

Kehkashan Basu, Global Coordinator for Children & Youth, UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee addresses Loreto College students.

On January 2, 2016, Kehkashan Basu shared an ember of the fire in her heart for Sustainable Development. It was amazing how a 15 year old was so focussed. While not letting her studies suffer, she was aglow with a deep desire to preserve and sustain all of creation while keeping in mind biodiversity conservation and the reversing of land degradation.

The founder of the youth organisation Green Hope, UAE, Kehkashan through Green Hope has just returned from the distribution of solar photo-voltaic lamps in the Rann of Kutch, where impoverished ‘Harijans’ are involved in working in saltpans. We were struck by the commitment of this young student as an eco-warrior who also spread the message of peace and sustainability wherever she went.

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