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Prof. Geraldine Forbes Addresses the Students of Loreto College

On 18th December, 2015, Professor Geraldine Forbes, distinguished Professor, Department of History, State University of New York, and Guest Faculty to the University of Calcutta, gave an interesting talk on ‘Gender Blinders: How Concepts of Gender Hinder Scrutiny of Women Terrorists.’ She explained the terms ‘gender’, ‘blinders’ and ‘terrorism’ since these three are often misused. The focus of her talk was on the perceptions of women terrorists in the public sphere, often influenced by misplaced ideas about women, their nature and their capabilities. Being a historian she looked back into the past in order to highlight incidents from all over the world including Russia, Africa, Europe and Asia where women have been involved in terrorist activities. The talk opened up new avenues and inspired some of us to take up Security Studies in future and delve deeper into the subject of women and their relationship to terrorism.

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