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National Seminar on Perception and Portrayal of Women with Disabilities

On 1st and 2nd of December, Departments of Education, Human Rights and Journalism & Mass Communication organized an enlightening ICSSR- sponsored National Seminar, ‘Perception and Portrayal of Women with Disabilities: Remapping their Identity’.

The seminar began with a prayer and lighting of the lamp. The inaugural address was delivered by Shri. Prasanna Kumar Pincha, former Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, New Delhi who clarified the meaning and implication of persons with disabilities. Ms. Jeeja Ghosh, Head, Advocacy & Disability Studies, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) during the keynote address depicted how persons with disabilities desire acceptance and to be treated with respect.

The technical sessions throughout the two days’ seminar addressed issues pertaining to women with disabilities - their education, economic and socio-political participation; media and representation of women with disabilities; and their rights as human beings. In the interactive session of the seminar we had the opportunity to applaud the talents of our esteemed guests who shared their thoughts, wrote engrossing poems and motivated students and teachers to share their own talent for singing.

The visitors with disability inspired us to revere those with ‘disability’, for one’s abilities are infinite!

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 No of Visitors: 560

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