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Staff Development Seminar 2015

An intellectually enriching two day seminar on ‘Emotional Intelligence and Enabling Feedback’ was held on March 31 and April 1, 2015 at Loreto College. Fr. M.C. Abraham, Director, Moreau Institute of Integral Learning Shillong was the resource person. He dwelled on a range of topics and came up with brainstorming exercises for the faculty members of the college. The primary focus of his discussion was to help the teachers master the art of handling demanding situations at class room as well as outside the class room.

Teaching is a profession that gives immense joy but comes up with unique challenges. He called for reconstructing new meaning through assimilation, accommodation, greater coherence, wholeness, integrity, self-direction and sensitivity. Emotional competence was highlighted as an important quality that makes difference between mediocre leader and the best in the modern scenario. During both days of the Seminar there were activities for the teachers which they performed in groups. The sessions were interactive with teachers putting forward their point of view on issues.

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