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Field Visit to Prayasam NGO

On 18 December 2014, students of Career Oriented Course on Human Rights and Empowerment and two teachers went for a field visit to Prayasam (NGO). Ms. PiyaliMajumdar, of Prayasam shared about the key objectives of the organization. Prayasam mostly works at the grassroots level cutting across every community and children in turn act as ’agents of change’ multiplying the key objectives of organization through ’peer education’. Prayasam worked extensively for brick kiln children who were deprived of primary education in border areas of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar.

However, there are hurdles as acceptance of adults especially parents of a child is very rigid. Besides, problems of early adolescent marriage prevail. The students asked questions such as problems faced by organization while working on field; how much time it took to convince parents; what areas of participation it covers etc.

The students interacted with a bright child, named Salim Sheikh who is ’Child Advisor’ to Prayasam. Talented and intelligent, Salim not only answered queries, but also shared his experience.

The students felt that the visit was inspiring and that they grew as persons. It was a good learning experience of what it takes is courage and determination to make changes in the community, that everyone has the ability to channelize their energy and passion to make the world a better place. Students were fascinated that Prayasam has children in its Board of Directors and have an equal say in all matters. It was fascinating that children go about in their locality to announce dates of Polio Camps and spread awareness on issues like preventive steps against Malaria. The children also included their locality to Google Maps. Students were motivated to help make a difference in the lives of others, doing whatever they could to help empower young children, help shape tender minds into minds of substance and greatness.

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