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Adieu to 2 Teachers of Loreto College

The students of Loreto College prepared a special programme for Dr. Rajkumari Basu of Psychology Department and Ms. Anuradha Chatterji of History Department in the wake of their retirement after many years of distinguished service. It was a touching to see past pupils from far and wide come in on 20th December, 2014 to meet their teachers. The students recalled their experiences of studying with the two teachers who moved beyond prescribed syllabus to broaden the ambit of knowledge.

Dr. R. Basu was lauded for her contribution in upgrading the Psychology Department to the Honours level. Her enthusiasm towards sports and other extracurricular activities was remembered in glowing terms. Dr. S. Chatterjee of Psychology Department in her brief word of appreciation drew a fine sketch of Dr. Basu as a helpful person and a parental figure.

The students were in praise of Ms. Chatterji of the History Department who was more than a teacher-a person who encouraged them to think beyond the box. Her enthusiasm for several academically enriching seminars was lauded. Dr. S. Ghosh, Head of the History Department, reminiscing on her association with Ms. Chatterji, said that she was a guiding spirit.

Both professors responded in thanking the students, their colleagues and the College for support that they received. Sr. Christine also expressed gratitude to them for the years of dedicated hard work and the significant role they played in the growth of the College.

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