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Human Rights Day, 2014

This year, the slogan endorsed by United Nations is ‘Human Rights 365’ - which encompasses the idea that everyday was the theme for Human Rights Day. Loreto College organized a seminar addressing “Human Rights In Post-Crisis Situation” on 10 December, 2014. Ms. Paramita Dasgupta, an Advocate and Lecturer (of National University of Judicial Sciences, Kolkata) addressed the staff and students.

Ms. Dasgupta, Lecturer of Department of Human Rights facilitated the one- hour programme which was interactive wherein students exchanged their ideas/opinion on ‘rights’ and ‘crisis’. Ms. Paramita Dasgupta, pointed out that definition of rights and crisis is a very subjective one. She further stated that right[s] and crisis situation[s] are all about individual perception, pointed out differences between ‘entitlement’ and ‘rights’ and that Universal Declaration on Human Rights is a persuasive document, which is not legally binding but which instills a sense of accountability. Speaking on war crimes, she focused primarily on how women are subjected to grave exploitation and are either taken captive by victorious side or married off to form political alliances.

Students to Professors shared their insights on this subject issue. The day provided an opportunity to ‘reflect’ upon current escalating tensions and its subsequent effects on each one of us, with regard to threat to our ‘basic human rights’.

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