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Shadow Play by Rahi Foundation

On 10th September, ’Rahi Foundation,’ who works on women survivours of incest and child sexual abuse, organised a shadow play in Loreto College. The play was divided into two parts, the ’Shadow Theatre’ and the ’Forum Theatre’. The first half of the play which was the ’Shadow Theatre’, through three different acts showcased forms in which incest and child sexual abuse manifest in our society. Each of the three acts concluded with the message of doing away with the societal reservations associated with such issues. They also urged women to seek immediately help if they are victims of such heinous acts. In the second half of the play, which was the ’Forum Theatre’ the audience were asked to participate in the acts to place forward their arguments and suggestions. This witnessed immense and active participation from the audience which comprised of both teachers and students. The play touched the hearts of all present. This was a learning experience for us all, as it taught us the importance of awareness about such sensitive problems existing in our society.

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