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Student Development Programme: Day 3 and 4

After first two days of a student development programme in association with IBS, dwelling on resume writing and personal communication skills, the sessions held on 23rd and 30th of August deliberated on group discussion and personal interview. We had insight into the basic structure of a group discussion panel and how a person involved in a group discussion is expected to respond.

Group discussion calls for a composure and appropriate etiquette. Each participant needs to grab an opportunity to speak up in an articulate manner. It was interesting to learn that to get selected in a group discussion one needs to remain patient throughout the session with a sharp, focused and pointed outlook. The resource person invited for the day arranged for a mock group discussion session with students who volunteered as participants to demonstrate how the process works.

The final session of the programme was on personal interview skills. We were provided valuable knowledge on responding to intriguing questions in the interview. Tricky questions and their possible answers were also discussed. Both the days were eye openers for us as we learnt to deal with some challenging situations while applying for jobs. A learning experience indeed, which will benefit us immensely.

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