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On 23rd April the students of Loreto College were graced by the presence of Dr. C. Basu Mullick, Head of Department of Biochemistry and Professor of Physiology at Durgapur Medical College and faculty member at NH Group of Hospitals who threw light on the most common types of cancer occurring in women in the lungs, breast, cervix, oral cavity, esophagus, uterus and skin. We were told that breast cancer is the commonest primary cancer in women worldwide leading to death; if detected early, the treatment is highly responsive. The highest percentage was caused by smoking and alcohol and imbalanced diet, at 31 percent; at 18 percent was chronic infection and hormones, at 2 percent and 1 percent, respectively, were occupational hazards and pollution. Cellular mutation (Change in DNA sequence) and ionizing radiations (X-Ray, UV light) were big risk factors. Unregulated growth and distant spread were the features of cancer cells.

She deliberated on the warning signals of cancer, increase of risks with age, family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives and westernization, urbanization and wrong lifestyle adaptation as prime causes of the disease. We can avoid cancer by adhering to a good lifestyle.

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