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Neelu Singhvi Sancheti Memorial Lecture 2016

The Neelu Singhvi Sancheti Memorial Lecture held on 29th March 2016 in the College Auditorium was delivered by Prof. Basab Chaudhuri, Vice Chancellor, West Bengal State University, who deliberated on ‘What is Success?’ Moving from how we can be chained and influenced by the materialistic world and the desire for acquisition to make one feel successful, he spoke of purposeful living through Individual Social Responsibility. Quoting Einstein, other great personalities and role models we were given an insight as to their views on success. The formula for success is through uncovering our own potentialities and not mimicking that of others. With courage and perseverance we can unfold our talents, share with others and consider even so called failures as learning experiences and stepping stones. Dr. Chaudhuri’s lecture encouraged us to rethink the concept of success and develop a clear vision regarding our career and life and work hard so as to achieve it. An inspiring and motivating session, indeed!

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