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E-Books of SAGE

Sl NoName of BookAuthorSubject
1EducationCheryl Hanley-Maxwell Lana Collet-KlingenbergEducation
2Encyclopedia of Curriculum StudiesCraig Kridel Education
3Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and PhilosophyD. C. Phillips Education
4Handbook of College and University TeachingJames E. Groccia Mohammed A. T. AlsudairiEducation
5Sociology of EducationJames Ainsworth Education
6The SAGE Handbook of Special EducationLani Florian Education
7Encyclopedia of Consumption and WasteCarl A. Zimring William L. Rathje, Consulting EditorGeography
8Encyclopedia of Disaster ReliefK. Bradley Penuel Matt Statlergeography
9Encyclopedia of Human GeographyBarney Warf geography
10Green AtlasDustin Mulvaney Geography
11Green CitiesNevin Cohen Geography
12Green ConsumerismJuliana Mansvelt Geography
13Green CultureKevin Wehr Geography
14Green EnergyDustin Mulvaney Geography
15Green PoliticsDustin Mulvaney Geography
16Handbook of Cultural GeographyKay Anderson Mona DomoshGeography
17Handbook of Urban StudiesRonan Paddison Geography
18The SAGE Handbook of Economic GeographyAndrew Leyshon Roger LeeGeography
19The SAGE Handbook of Geographical KnowledgeJohn A Agnew David N LivingstoneGeography
20The SAGE Handbook of Human GeographyRoger Lee Noel CastreeGeography
21The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative GeographyDydia DeLyser Steve HerbertGeography
22The SAGE Handbook of Spatial AnalysisA Stewart Fotheringham Peter A RogersonGeography
23Historical Guide to World Media FreedomJenifer Whitten-Woodring Douglas A. Van BelleMedia & Communication
24The SAGE Handbook of Film StudiesJames Donald Michael RenovMedia & Communication
25The SAGE Handbook of Media StudiesJohn D. H. Downing Denis McQuailMedia & Communication

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