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Sl NoName of BookAuthorSubject
1Cinema at the MarginsWheeler DixonFilm Studies
2The Return of the Epic Film : Genre, Aesthetics and History in the 21st CenturyEdited by Andrew ElliotFilm Studies
3The Politics of Time and Youth in Brand India : Bargaining with CapitalJyotsna KapurFilm Studies
4Geofuels : Energy and the EarthAlan R. CarrollGeography
5Arid and Semi-Arid GeomorphologyAndrew S. GoudieGeography
6Dangerous Neighbours : Volcanoes and CitiesGrant HeikenGeography
7Mid-Ocean RidgesRoger SearleGeography
8Our Uncommon Heritage : Biodiversity Change, Ecosystem Services, and Human WellbeingCharles PerringsGeography
9Technology and the Future of EnergyGeography
10Population Ageing in IndiaEdited by G. Giridhar, K.M. Sathyanarayana, Sanjay Kumar, K.S. James, Moneer AlamGeography
11Mapping Social Exclusion in India: Caste, Religion and BorderlandsEdited by Paramjit S. JudgeGeography
12Contemporary China: Society and Social ChangeTamara Jacka, Andrew B. Kipnis, Sally SargesonGeography
13The Civic Culture Transformed: From Allegiant to Assertive CitizensEdited by Russell J.Dalton, Christian WelzelPolitical Science
14The Arab-Israel Conflict in American Political CultureJonathan RynholdPolitical Science
15Constructing National Security: U.S. Relations with India and ChinaJarrod HayesPolitical Science
16Enduring Rivalries in the Asia-PacificSteve ChanPolitical Science
17Power, Order, and Change in World PoliticsEdited by G.John lkenberryPolitical Science
18The US-India Nuclear Agreement: Diplomacy and Domestic PoliticsDinshaw MistryPolitical Science
19India and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime: The Perennial OutlierA.Vinod KumarPolitical Science
20Cicero and the Rise of Deification at RomeSpencer ColePolitical Science
21Army and Society in Ptolemaic EgyptChristelle Fisher-BovetPolitical Science
22Cults and Rites in Ancient Greece: Essays on Religion and SocietyMichael H.JamesonPolitical Science
23Divination,Prediction and the End of the Roman RepublicFederico SantangeloPolitical Science
24Economy,Family,and Society from Rome to Islam: A Critical Edition, English Translation, and Study of Byron's Management of the EstateSimon SwainPolitical Science
25Libertas and the Practice of Politics in the Late Roman RepublicValentina ArenaPolitical Science
26Slaves to Rome: Paradigms of Empire in Roman CultureMyles LavanPolitical Science
27The Hellenistic West: Rethinking the Ancient MediterraneanEdited by Jonathan R. W. Prag, Josephine Crawley QuinnPolitical Science
28The City in the Classical and Post-Classical World: Changing Contexts of Power and IdentityEdited by Claudia Rapp, H.A.DrakePolitical Science
29The Renaissance in Italy: A Social and Cultural History of the RinascimentoGuido RuggieroPolitical Science
30F.Scott Fitzgerald in ContextEdited by Bryant MangumEnglish
31The Epic Gaze: Vision , Gender and Narrative in Ancient EpicHelen LovattEnglish
32A Companion to Fifteenth-Century English PoetryEdited by Julia BoffeyEnglish
33The Cambridge Introduction to Jane AustenJanet ToddEnglish
34Unsettling Montaigne: Poetics, Ethics and Affect in the Essais and Other WritingsElizabeth GuildEnglish
35William Wordsworth in ContextEdited by Andrew BennettEnglish
36Modernism and Naturalism in British and Irish Fiction, 1880-1930Simon JoyceEnglish
37The Short Story and the First World WarAnn-Marie EinhausEnglish
38Yeats and Modern PoetryEdna LongleyEnglish
39The Lyric Poem: Formations and TransformationsEdited by Marion ThainEnglish
40Katherine Mansfield and the (Post) colonialEdited in association with Janet Wilson, Edited by Gerri Kimber, Delia da Sousa CorreaEnglish
41Producing Women's Poetry, 1600-1730: Text and Paratext, Manuscript and PrintGillian WrightEnglish
42The Psychology of Fatigue: Work, Effort and ControlRobert HockeyPsychology
43The Measurement of Affect, Mood, and Emotion: A Guide for Health-Behavioral ResearchPanteleimon Ekkekakis, Foreword by James A. RussellPsychology
44Economic Reform in India: Challenges, Prospects, and LessonsEdited by Nicholas C. Hope, Anjini Kochar, Roger Noll, T.N.SrinivasanEconomics
45Innovation in India: Combining Economic Growth with Inclusive DevelopmentEdited by Shyama V.RamaniEconomics
46Capabilities, Gender, Equality: Towards Fundamental EntitlementsEdited by Flavio Comim, Martha C. NussbaumEconomics
47Liberalization, Financial Instability and Economic DevelopmentYilmaz AkyuzEconomics
48Two Decades of Market Reform in India: Some Dissenting ViewsEdited by Sudipta BhattacharyyaEconomics
49Economic Development and Financial Instability: Selected EssaysJan A.KregelEconomics
50The Economics of Public-Private Partnerships: A Basic GuideEduardo Engel, Ronald D.Fischer, Alexander GaletovicEconomics
51The G20 Macroeconomic Agenda: India and the Emerging EconomiesEdited by Parthasarathi ShomeEconomics

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