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Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology was established in Loreto College in the year 2007. The department believes that in the fast changing world, a scientific study of behaviour and associated biological, cognitive and social processes is important to develop the tools necessary for the overall wellbeing of humankind.

This discipline is a rapidly developing field, touching on all aspects of human life. Hence, we train our students to think independently and critically about psychological issues, to become knowledgeable about the key methods, important findings and major theories of Psychology and also to understand new modern scientific research in Psychology. The faculty are enthusiastic to seed the thought of research and guide motivated students in conducting research projects which are presented under the Research Cell Programme in Loreto College.

The department organizes an annual event ‘Kalakriti’ that concentrates on achievements of differently-abled children. This is a two-day event in which differently-abled children of special schools are invited to Loreto College to participate in both on-stage and off-stage events.

Additionally, seminars are held lighting upon the varied avenues/aspects across the verticals of Psychology keeping our students as well as teachers up-to-date with recent researches and developments in our stream. Our students engage in active participation in organizing the events generating magnum awareness about the larger society among others and within themselves as budding psychologists of the country.

The students of the Department continue further studies in TISS, Christ University, Montford College, ISWBM, IIM and become fine counsellors; all receive placements.

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