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Mathematics Department

Introduced from the academic year 2012-13 as a Centenary initiative, the focus of the Department of Mathematics is to develop the skill of mathematical thinking among the students. Since Mathematics is the fundamental building block for Economics and various other science subjects, the students of this college need to be well acquainted with its basic concepts.

The Department of Mathematics motivates the students of the college to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops which are related to various inter-disciplinary applications of Mathematics.

Apart from classroom lectures group discussions, debates and other activities like Quiz and Sudoku are activities students participate in. Remedial classes are provided for the students who find Mathematics challenging. The Department encourages students to devote their attention to various interdisciplinary areas e.g., Data Science, Actuarial Studies, Financial Economics, etc. In future, the Department wishes to introduce the publications of journals which will include well-researched articles and papers by students on applications of Mathematics in inter-disciplinary areas.

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