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English Department

The department has a rich tradition of seminars and publications involving students through the departmental journal (peer-reviewed, with ISSN number), several published books of critical essays with ISBN numbers. Students’ creativity is encouraged in a journal entitled The Poetry Forum.

Department runs a comprehensive tutorial system in which personal attention is paid to each pupil. Pupils are made to think and write in class regularly. Teachers are holistic in their approach for the welfare and enrichment of their students, intellectually and emotionally.

There is extensive use of audio-visual media, both by students and teachers. Students are motivated to make power-point presentations, to do research and read papers in class for their peers. Thus peer-teaching is encouraged.

There is enrichment of students by introducing them to new approaches to literary theory. This is also done by inviting guest speakers regularly and through the department’s prestigious Literature and the Other Arts programme which is on-going.

Many students of English Honours opt for the Masters Course in Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Christ University. Others have obtained employment in the media, in publishing houses, as teachers.

Major Achievements

- The English Department collaborated with British Council, Kolkata, to present the distinguished Adam Foulds, author and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, 2010,who spoke on Creative Writing and interacted with students in the Q&A session on February 6, 2015. The author’s The Broken Word (2008) was shortlisted for the 2008 John Llewellyn-Rhys Memorial Prize, and won a Somerset Maugham Award and 2008 Costa Poetry Award. Foulds’ The Quickening Maze (2009) was shortlisted for the 2009 Man
Booker Prize for Fiction.

- Somnath Basu, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Fellow of the University of Kent,Canterbury and Freie Universität, Berlin, lectured on ‘Revisiting Victorian Culture: Text,Context, Event Relevance’, on 20 Feb 2015.

Department Publications

- Critical Imprints (ISSN 2319-4774) Vol. III, Ed. A. Dasgupta, March 2015.
- Poetry Forum Vol. IV, Ed. Aliya Dagman and designed by Neha Imran (students of the Third year B.A. English Honours). The volume was opened to contributions from students of all departments of the college.
- Poetry Forum Vol. V, Ed. Debangana Pal and Sritama Bhattacharya (Students of the Third year B.A. English Honours).

Academic Achievements

- Mangala Gauri Chakrabarty officiated as chair in one session of International Seminar entitled ‘Context and Culture in Language Classrooms’ at the American Center, USIS American Library, February 9, 2015.

- Sumita Banerjee presented the paper Rani Chanda – the Painter Pilgrim’s Progress, at the seminar “Playing the Space: Facets and Prospects of Travel Writing” organized by the English Department at Aliah University, March 2015.

- Sanghita Sanyal attended the Annual Conference and Symposium of the Pondicherry Psychology Association held - February 14-15, 2015 in Pondicherry, where she presented a paper entitled The Healing Touch of Words: Analyzing the lyrics of Tagore’s songs and its Psychotherapeutic Capacity in a symposium on Tagore’s Songs and its Therapeutic Qualities.

-Sukanya Das Gupta presented a paper entitled’Imagining Britain: Reconstructing History and Writing National Identity in Englands Heroicall Epistles and Poly-Olbion’ at ’Poly-Olbion and the Writing of Britain’: International conference at the Royal Geographical Society, London, 10-11 September 2015. She also chaired a session.

Publications by Faculty Members

- Aditi Dasgupta edited the 3rd Volume of Peer-reviewed Departmental Journal Critical Imprints (ISSN 2319-4774), March 2015.

- Mridula Kapoor published a selection of her poetry in a Volume entitled Poems: Present and Past, Levant Books, Kolkata, January 2015.

- Sanghita Sanyal published the article Reading some Specific Kalighat Patachitra: An Alternative Mechanism Authenticating Nineteenth Century Bengali History, Critical Imprints Vol.III (ISSN 2319-4774), Department of English, Loreto College, Kolkata, March 2015.

- Sukanya Das Gupta published a paper entitled
“This hidden knowledge have I learnt of thee”: Anne Vaughan Lock and the ‘Invisible Church’ in Anthropological Reformations, ed. Anne Eusterschulte and Hannah Wälzholz. Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht GmbH & Co. KG, Göttingen, Germany, 2015. ISBN 9783525550588

- Sumita Banerjee published “Marami Kabi Clare-er Sabujer Abhijan’’ in Ebang Mushaira. ISSN 0976-9307 and
“Dushan Daityer Kabale: Macbeth Natake Dushan Prasanga” in Prasahanga Shakespeare, ed. P.R. Sengupta. Sahityalok. ISBN 978-81-932364-5-1.

Students’ Activities, Seminars and Presentations

- Students of Second Year B.A Honours made two presentations on the Architecture and Lifestyle of 18th Century Bath and the 18th Century English Stage (Supervised by Dr. M.Kapoor)

- Students of First year B.A Honours made three presentations on the European and English Sonnet (Supervised by Dr. M. Kapoor)

- Students of the department attended Literaria at St. Xaviers’ College and participated in the Literary Quiz and Creative Writing programme.

- Garima Chpora and Nikhat Zehra Third year B.A Honours students of the department attended the Writing Workshop, This is My Story: The Art of Testimonio Writing conducted by the Dr. Richard Jahna, a US Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional
Excellence Awardee at the American Centre, Kolkata. The event was part of International Education Week, an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and cultural exchange worldwide, a joint initiative of the U.S Department of State and the U.S.Department of Education.

- Students attended the literary fest Incarnadine – 2014 and Global Shakespeare Conference Programme at Presidency University, Kolkata and participated in the Creative Writing, Literary Quiz and Poster Making events.

- Poetry Forum Vol. IV and V was compiled, edited, designed and published by students. It is part of an on-going programme of Department to encourage originality and promote the creative inclination of students which finds expression in the publication of this journal.

- The department has taken initiatives for many years to encourage students to pursue research beyond syllabus and to write scholarly articles which the department publishes in books of critical essays and its peer-reviewed ISSN journal. This publication programme is an on-going initiative. This year Aliya Dagman (a 3rd year student) and Fatema Merchant (alumnus) wrote the article ‘Location, Setting and Spatial Design: The Construction of Space in the Sherlock Holmes Short Stories and its Significance in the Narrative.’ published in Critical Imprints Vol. III (ISSN 2319-4774) Ed. Aditi Dasgupta.

- Third year Honours students presented papers on The Novel as a Literary Form, under the guidance of Dr. Aditi Das Gupta, January 2016.

- First Year students made presentations on Keats and Shelley, under the guidance of Dr.Aditi Das Gupta in February 2016.

Future Plans

- The introduction of an autonomous post-graduate programme in August 2016.

- New initiatives to be taken for the sale and popularization of departmental publications.

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