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Human Rights Department

In a pioneering effort, Human Rights as an area of study have been introduced at an undergraduate level at Loreto College in 2005.

Human Rights as a subject is diverse and covers myriad topics tracing the historical development of Human Rights dating back centuries ago, United Nations and Human Rights, relevant issues as women rights issues, child rights issues, rights of disabled persons, dalit rights, rights of indigenous peoples and they participate in field visits, open book tests, group discussions, assignments and PowerPoint presentations. An interesting and relevant course, indeed!

The Department of Human Rights also runs a UGC-sponsored Career Oriented Human Rights and Empowerment Course - a certificate based course where students enrolled have to complete 100 hours [60 hours Theory and 40 hours Practical] in which students get an opportunity to learn and enrich themselves from Guest lecturers. Field Visit is mandatory.

Calcutta University offers a Masters’ Project in Human Rights; past pupils of Human Rights work in NGO’s, in the Human Resource Department in the corporate world.

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