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Computer Department

Section 1: Curricular Aspects

The department offers compulsory basic computer knowledge of Windows and Ms. Office and provides Certificates for the same.

It also offers Advanced Computer Courses on Computer Programming languages like C, C++ and Java, as well as Web Designing Courses, along with Certificates, as part of skill development programme.

Undergraduate program offered by the department is well designed, up-to-date and provides a valuable education and a highly sought-after set of skills. The academic programme of the department are in accordance with its vision and mission keeping in view the employment demands and need of entrepreneurship development.

Diploma Certificates are conducted for the teacher trainees (B.Ed).

The department also participates in the community services by teaching the students of the Women’s Cell of the college.

Advanced and updated innovative programs and courses using latest software and packages are incorporated, keeping in mind the goal and objective of the department.

New courses including coding and designing introduced to keep up with the increasing competition in the IT industries.

Section 2: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

Number of institutional techniques are adopted like the desktop computers, splitters, scanner, printer etc. along with free internet facility to facilitate teaching learning methodologies. The department’s prime emphasis is on infrastructure and learning resources as essential for creating an excellent academic environment. The computer laboratory has been updated with latest Core i3 /Core i7 machines to enhance the teaching learning process and all the machines are well equipped with useful and important software and hardware.

Programmes and modules are designed and delivered efficiently by the department, making optimum use of resources.

Practical examinations are conducted after completion of individual topics. Each teaching class is followed by an exercise covering previous topics. Revision exercises are given to ensure better understanding and clearing of doubts. A few surprise tests are also taken. The students are evaluated on the basis of exams after every short course. The students are awarded with certificates according to their merit and also for their efforts.

We continue to provide updated, interesting, and challenging courses for students, expanding this range where there are new opportunities and demand.

Assistance and training is provided on need basis by the Computer Dept. faculty to the teachers and students, they are the beneficiaries of basic computer programme and utilize the internet services as and when required by them.

Students are also encouraged to use the computers while seeking information for project work, the college magazine, brochures for the annual drama, matter required for college fest (SAMAGAM), etc.

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